When you apply for any job, internship, or for some other roles a CV is must to be attached either with an email or handed over in person with forms or some other required documents as per the wish of the employer. Your CV is your first impression, make sure you have the necessary elements in your CV which makes a good impression of yourself.

The following are the areas which should not be overlooked while writing your CV, as follows-

  • On an average just 8 seconds an employer spends on looking at a CV, make sure you share your entire life story, but do not forget the 8 seconds hence keep it to the point, and other details could be shared during the interview. An ideal CV should not be more than 2 pages (the pages should be A4 size).
  • Before submitting your CV research about the company or institution or organization so that you have an exact idea what skills of yours you have to point them out in your CV. So, change your CV every time you apply for any role.
  • Don’t leave long gaps in your CV, if you have a short CV keep it short unnecessarily adding gaps and making your CV look long won’t help you at all.
  • Every time something important happens or you achieve something or you have learned some new skill or anything which helped you grow you must add it in your CV whether you’ve applied for any role or not your CV at all times must be up-to-date.
  • Make sure your CV is error free, employers do see whether you have made any error or not, a CV with errors will not help you. Some of the common mistakes made in CV’s are – 
    • Some times you either miss-spell the company name or the person to whom you are sending, think do you want your first impression to begin with an error. So, make sure you double-check to whom you are sending.
    • Spelling errors and grammar errors these are the most common errors and these do hamper your CV and puts you in the not selected category. Checking your spelling and grammar is must, it’s something unavoidable.
    • When you are sending a lot of applications at one time there is a probability that you may send right application to a wrong company. I hope in this situation it is explicitly evident that your chances to be selected are all in negative. DOUBLE CHECK EVEYTHING!
    • Sometimes what happens you have written the body of the mail perfectly and your CV is also error free and you send your mail at the correct mail address too but, you forgot to attach your CV in your mail. Now you again send them a mail with CV attached, in this situation the employer may get confused, and even the employer isn’t confused this might give him/her an impression that you are not a sincere person and you tend to do things in haste. So, check your mail properly before sending your mail.
    • Sometimes the format of your CV isn’t an easy to open format for all companies then the employer might put you in later to open CV kind of slot and might even select other person and you lost your chance. Always send your CV in .pdf format.
    • What usually people do they write CV on the top. No, you should not do this it should be your name which should be on top because you want them to remember your name.
    • People have these informal mail addresses and they send their mail through them, the employer might not take you seriously, as your initial contact with your employer is your mail address. Make sure you have a formal mail address.
  • Never lie in your CV always deliver the truth, you might get selected because of the lie but at the end of the day there will always be high chances that one day your employer might get to know that you lied in your CV which will be highly embarrassing and could even cost you your role.
  • If you use a job site for finding roles and you have your CV there use keywords, they are very important they will increase the attraction to your CV.
  • Last but not the least, the overall presentation makes your CV presentable (after all its your first impression), use the commonly available formats or you can create your own format too which will make your CV presentable.

Hope these points help you!!

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