We live in such a surrounding wherein in our daily life we come across various socio-legal topics, and it is really important than one speaks up on these topics, as speaking up makes us one step closer in becoming an active society. With this though in our mind we planned and executed our first event namely, VOICE YOUR THOUGHTS.

Gavel Makers had its first event on 20th April, 2021 in collaboration with Centre for Legislative Studies and Research. As a first event we had a good number of participation, beyond our expectations participation came from both law students and non-law students, all the participants were cheerful, full of enthusiasm, and were all ready to give voice to their thoughts. Participants were given topics which had both socio-legal importance. There were two rounds in the event, in the first round from each team a winner was decided by the Judge of that respective group and then they all participated in the round 2, round 2 being the final round one winner was decided by the judge from that round. To maintain the flow and to manage the groups each group had a separate moderator, who managed the group as well as asked the participants questions while they were discussion. Gavel Makers had all support from the Centre for Legislative Studies and Research, can’t thank Dr. S.K. Bose and his team members enough for the support. We are very thankful to the judges who gave us their time from their busy schedule and they really boosted up the morale and confidence of the participants.

The winner of the VOICE YOUR THOUGHTS event was Shreya Ishani.

A glimpse from the Round 1
A glimpse from the Round 2

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