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John McCarthy once said “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.”

He invented this term in 1950. Artificial intelligence is a collection of many different technologies coming together to enable machine to act like humans and learn with them with their level of intelligence. Intelligence is not tangible it is made of Reasoning. Learning, Problem solving, Perception etc. The main aim of doing so it is just that they can be made compatible and users can interact with them on emotional and logically. In this Technologies like machine learning is the part of artificial intelligence only. During the AI, many methods are used like based on economics, statistics. Artificial intelligence can be defined in two ways one is Narrow and second is General. Narrow one is that with which we interact in daily life example Weather apps and Digital assistants like Siri in I phone. In general, it is like movies in which machines performs complex tax like data processing but this is not completely reality and if we must make this real, we need corporation of both human and machines together and must understand that this is extension of abilities of human not the replacement of human.

How does AI work:

It works from two types of techniques such as Machine learning and Deep learning.

These two are branch of artificial intelligence.


It uses extremely hard types of mathematical formulas so that it can find solution. This is for business prospective. All data when collected in any organization their machine learning plays key role when its analysis all the data and find patterns and helps in decision making.


It performs advanced functions and it is more specialised in contextualising the information, for example it is used in sensors which are in autonomous cars it helps in knowing distance of objects and helps to decide how and when to change lanes.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence;

Reduction In Human mistakes:

Human makes mistakes in his or her lifetime but this can be avoided if machines work because they work in full systematic way and they process the pervious information so errors are reduced, for example in weather forecasting.

WORK 24*7

Human if works 6 to 8 hours per day he or she needs resting period because we human get fatigue by using our energy for longer period. we need rest or sleep or refreshing period for us to stay intact. Machines are quite opposite to humans it works for 24*7 and neither it gets bored nor it wants rest to work, for example in Helpline centres where they have their toll-free numbers.


This is major advantage of AI intelligence. It can do risky tasks for us which we normal human beings hesitate to do or it is dangerous to our life or impossible to do example defusing a bomb, going to mars or can be used in any natural or man mad disasters.


Highly organised organisations which stays busy in core functions of it so they use digital help to interact others which are externally involved with the company for example Chabot’s are used to chat with website users to help them with their doubts and queries.


It works without taking rest and with othertechnologies it makes decision faster and these works on what it is programmed and not thinking emotionally.



Systems and machines must be updated from time to time it requires funds and in large amount actually and it sometimes very costly for developing organisations


AI sometimes make human lethargic by performing majority of the work. Human always become ins too dependent on technology and wants that all work gets completed with them sitting at one place.


It is greatest disadvantage that AI will replace human’s importance at working place because with new innovations in science it can do all the things which human can do so everyone fears that employment will decrease and labour will get unemployed and some organisations are doing this thing already but unemployment will give normal people very difficulties in earning money for their family.


All the decisions are based so sometimes it does not understand feelings of humans and machines cannot develop bonds with us so we cannot be work in team.


Artificial intelligence is need for future and it have some disadvantages but its advantages outweigh them and if we will carry on to focus on its bad points the we will not be able to adapt new innovations or discoveries because everything related to technology have bad effects and some issues but rather than we should focus on solving those issues so that it can only have positive effects on other things and as a necessary fact, it is a myth that it will replace humans it is not the thing because programming it needs human and it can’t work in dynamic environment without human help and assistance. So, we should adopt AI in our life so that after some years India can become one of the developed countries because it will raise India above financially and economically.

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