Twitter Vs Government of India


Few hours before 26th may 2021 , the day on which the new IT rule 2021 came into force, there was a large number of many post on social media, messaging sites and even in media reports that social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook , Instagram would be banned on the very next day .

Then twitter gave a statement that there is potential threat to freedom of expression in India on which the government hits back with calling it a baseless statement and that twitter is trying to hide its own follies by defaming India. The Twitter issued such statement after Delhi Police officials visited their office in probe for toolkit row between opposition and BJP .It all started On 18th may when BJP leader MR.Sambit Patra posted a tweet on congress toolkit  through which the opposition is trying to defame the Indian Govt and Prime Minister Modi which twitter marked as manipulated media.[1] Later the IT Ministry questioned the twitters labelling process. IT Ministry also asked twitter to come clear on who were the facts checker behind the process.

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Till then Twitter didn’t respond to New IT Rule and gave a statement that they are deeply committed to Indian Public and that there services are proven for vital public conversation and during pandemic it is a source for peoples support. They also added that they are concerned about recent events regarding employees Working in India(Delhi Police visit) and there is potential threat to freedom of speech and expression for people of India whom they serve. They further added they will continue and have a constructive dialogue with Indian Government while taking care of public interest.

The Ministry of Electronics and IT responded through 3 page press release and asked them to stop beating around and comply with rule of land which twitter refused. One of the BJP leader Mr.Tarun Vijay even gave a statement either to follow our law or quit India.

[1] Twitter defines any media (videos, audio, and images) that have been deceptively altered or fabricated as manipulated.
Tweets are labeled under this category when they are “likely to cause harm”.

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