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At Gavel Makers you can publish your content in four different categories, as follows: –

  • Blogs – your blogs must be within 500-700 words along with footnotes, the plagiarism accepted is 10% (blogs with plagiarism above 10% won’t be published).
  • Articles – your articles must be within 1500-2500 words along with footnotes, the plagiarism accepted is 25% (articles with plagiarism above 25% won’t be published).
  • Research Paper – your research paper must be within 3000 – 6000 words along with footnotes, the plagiarism accepted is 30% (research papers with plagiarism above 30% won’t be published).

You may choose a topic of your own choice for writing blogs, articles, and research papers. Things to be kept in mind while choosing a topic or case, as follows: –

  • Your topics and cases must be within the ambit of domestic law and international law. Make sure you don’t repeat the topic and the case which is already published on the website.
  • If you are unable to decide a topic on which you would like to write you can mail us on we would be happy to help you. In the mail kindly mention your name, your course and year of study, what you want to write amongst the above four and a specific area of law in which you would like to write.

How the content should be: –

  • The content must be explicit, easy to understand, and should be to the point.
  • Authors should try to include illustrations and precedents wherever required.
  • The content should be well structured.
  • The content should be original and unpublished work of yours.
  • The 21st BLUEBOOK Edition footnoting style must be used for writing footnotes.
  • Times New Roman font style must be used.
  • For heading size 14, for content size 12, and 10 size for footnotes must be used.
  • The content must be aligned justified.
  • Mail us your content in .doc format.

What all as author you should keep in mind: –

  • Co-authorship is allowed up till 2.
  • Authors will only be the responsible ones for any legal consequences arising out of their submitted work (like copyright issues, defamatory statements etc.).
  • Any request for removal of published articles will not be entertained.
  • Gavel Makers reserves the right to delete or remove any work of yours without any prior notice.
  • Authors are not allowed to submit the same copies elsewhere for publication without the expressed consent from Gavel Makers.

Now that you have read the terms and conditions and even the manner in which we would like to have the content here is a form please do kindly fill this form by clicking/taping on PUBLISH HERE below (if the topic chosen in this form is already taken by somebody else, we will mail you within 48 hours, and then you have to choose another one).

After your work is published at our website, we would inform you via mail that your content has been published. If just in case, your content doesn’t meet the requirements we will inform you those pointers also on which you should work via mail along with another google form for re-submitting your work.

In case you have any queries regarding the above-mentioned pointers you may mail us your queries at .

We really hope we can read and publish your work soon!

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